From what is it made?

The basis of our Surimi: fish

Above all, fish selected for its quality:

The fish in our recipes are all selected for their quality based on precise criteria: freshness, firmness and whiteness of the flesh.


Our surimi, made starting with one major ingredient: fish

Surimi primarily contains fish flesh. no bones or skin: only the noblest part of the fish. So there is no question of waste.
Moreover, we use flesh only from wild fish,

The major ingredient in surimi is fish:
The fish flesh is mixed with simple ingredients: Water, egg, salt, potato starch, colza oil.
Coraya Surimi is free of artificial flavourings and colourings.

A natural orange colour:
The orange colouring is natural since the orange colour to the stick come from paprika, so there are no artificial colourings but only natural colouring.

New since April 2016:
In order to provide the best quality and flavour in our products, glutamate, sorbitol and polyphosphate have been removed from our Petits Coraya and Pleine Saveur products.

Coraya surimi, a simple recipe:

Colza oil: extracted from French and European rapeseed grains

Potato starch and/or wheat starch: Originating from Western Europe, these starches contribute to the firm and fondant texture of our surimi.

Natural flavourings: specially developed for our recipes, these flavourings are prepared from a reduction of shellfish which captures their aroma.

Wild fish flesh: We use wild fish of which we keep only a noble part: the flesh. The head, bones, skin and guts are removed.

Salt, sugar and glutamate:

A pinch of sugar and salt: As with all recipes, sugar and salt are used to bring out all the flavours of the fish. We add only a tiny amount of it.

Glutamate depending on the recipe: Highly prized in Japanese cuisine where it is traditionally used to season food, glutamate brings what is known as the « umami » flavour, meaning « flavoursome taste ».