How is it made?

Quality manufacturing for Surimi with a unique taste

At Coraya, enjoyment and quality are at the core of what we care about.
These are the standards and know-how which have guided us for more than 25 years so we could offer you delicious products.

The fish is prepared as soon as it is caught:
The fish flesh is chopped, washed and the resulting paste is pressed. It is then mixed with the other ingredients: egg white, potato starch or wheat starch, colza oil etc…. it is then steamed and rolled up (in the case of sticks) to keep the desired shape of the surimi.
The surimi is then pasteurized to ensure optimal preservation. Lastly, Coraya surimi is chilled below 4°C, ready to be transported to the points of sale.

First step: cutting and cleaning the fish:
This first stage takes place in the days after the fish has been caught, close to the fishing area.
This is a key step because we only use the noble part of the fish: the flesh!
The head, bones, skin and guts are systematically removed.

Preparation of the fish:
Immediately after cutting, the fish flesh is chopped and then carefully washed in fresh water to remove all impurities and ensure the quality of our surimis.
A little sugar is then added to the flesh to protect it during the freezing stage. It is then deep-frozen for transport to our production site in Carentan, France, close to the Normandy coastline.

The preparation of the paste:
The fish flesh is mixed with water and the other ingredients to obtain a smooth and creamy paste.

The surimi « paste » is then spread on a hot plate, rather like a pancake.
A thin layer of this « paste » is mixed with paprika extract which gives outside of the sticks its orange colour.
It is then delicately steamed.

Rolling up the sticks:
Once cooked, the paste is rolled up on itself keeping the orange part on the outside. The sticks are then cut and packaged.

Primary packaging and pasteurization:
The sticks are packed in stay fresh bags or wraps and then steam pasteurized for guaranteed quality and safety.
From that moment on, they are kept at +4°C until they reach the consumer’s refrigerator.
Coraya sticks contain no artificial preservatives, flavourings or colourings.