Its qualities

Nutritional commitment for surimi of high quality

Our surimi: A high-quality and balanced product

Coraya surimi sticks contain an average of 85 to 120 kcal per 100g, the equivalent of 17 kcal per stick. In comparison, fish represents 80 to 200 kcal per 100g and meat 150 to 250 kcal per 100g.
It can be enjoyed on many different occasions!

Coraya surimi is rich in protein:

3 sticks tasted will provide almost as much protein as a small egg since our surimi contains about 8g of protein per 100g. As for fat, surimi contains less than 5%. Fats are contained exclusively in the form of colza oil which is recommended for its high content of Omega 3.

Coraya surimi: a little sugar

Our surimi contains less than 3g of sugar per 100g.