Our commitments

The Environment, Quality and Innovation: Our aim to satisfy your wishes every day.

The Environment:

Scheme to reduce our energy consumption

Since 2013, numerous measures have been taken to significantly reduce our water, gas and electricity consumption, with a reduction target of -15% for 2017!

Project to reduce packaging
Concrete measures implemented to reduce the amount and weight of packaging used!
2013: Reduction of 240,000 m² of packaging amounting to a reduction of 16 tons of plastic.
2015: Optimization of our packing boxes, with a saving of 31 tons of cardboard. Withdrawal of all varnishes and inks from our boxes.

2016: Reduction in the weight of our cardboard trays (- 48 tons used) and the thickness of our plastic films (- 27 tons of plastic used).
And we intend to persevere with our efforts!


Controlled quality

The raw materials we use are systematically controlled upon receipt at our production site in Carentan, Normandy, France. They undergo a series of controls: taste tests, visual checks and bacteriological analyses with absolutely no compromise on the quality of the ingredients we use. More than 50,000 quality controls are carried out each year.


Innovation for greater enjoyment

Since our first surimi recipe in 1988, our enthusiasm for innovation has led us to constantly create new surimi for everyone’s enjoyment. Whether it’s the Petits Coraya and their delicious sauces, the Coraya Suprêmes with their incomparable taste and texture or the emblematic Bâtonnets Saveurs, we have always tried to reinvent ourselves.