Surimi Slices

Surimi Slices (200 g)

Would you like to change surimi? Delicious Surimi Slices, ideal for a quick meal on the go or for fresh and original starters!

Surimi Slices
  • Ingredients

    Fish flesh (38%); water; starches (including wheat); colza oil; rehydrated egg white(floor rearing); salt; natural flavourings (shellfish, wheat); colouring: paprika extract.

  • Nutritional Values


    (per 100gr of products)

    Calories 128 kcal / 539 kJ
    of which saturated fat
    5,6 g
    0,4 g
    of which sugars
    11,1 g
    2,5 g
    Protein 8,5 g
    Salt 1,4 g

  • Allergènes présents

    Fish, egg, wheat, shellfish.

  • Surimi without preservatives, colourings or artificial flavourings.

  • To garnish and roll up for an original appetizer.

  • An alternative to ham, for example to make fresh and original sandwiches

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