The history of Coraya

A journey back to the time it was founded

Alliance Océane, a company that is both French and from Normandy

Coraya surimi is manufactured in Carentan on the French Channel coast, in a production site which was established in Normandy ten years ago.

From the early days…

The adventure began when a chef, a shellfish specialist and an engineer crossed paths. They were all passionate about seafood products and wanted the enjoyment and benefits of these products to be available on a wider scale.
They joined forces in 1981 to found Cuisimer, a company in Carentan near the Normandy coast in France.

…to the creation of surimi

In 1987, of the founders, André Nolleau, discovered surimi during one of his travels. He immediately grasped that this new product offered the benefits of seafood in a simple and practical way. He was immediately taken by the unique taste and texture of surimi.

He therefore decided to introduce it to the French in a form adapted to their tastes. Europe’s first surimi production facility was built in Carentan, and in 1989 the first self-service fresh surimi appeared on the shop shelves.

Thanks to its success, you can now find Coraya products in several European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Belgium etc.)